sign this petition to ban shock on children with disabilities!

Here’s what I wrote:

Are you kidding? ECT is NOT “treatment”! Even if a person is “put under,” it’s torture. It does nothing to cure depression. It made me into a basket case and I spoke jibberish for an entire year and a half. Please, end this abuse now and NEVER, ever use this method on anyone. Those “doctors” that claim this is a “cure” and do it to hundreds of people should be punished in high courts. Why do we glorify them as gods? Why do we even call them “doctors”?

The name of the “shock doc” at McLean…I’m trying to recall now….Oh, I can recall his face but not the name.   Oh, now I recall.  Micheal Henry.  As they say to us PRISONERS, as if we are in kindergarten,

“Michael, you NEED to go to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect even a measly $200. Are you kidding?  You don’t deserve even that.  ECT is torture. C’mon now, Michael….Time’s up. Here’s your needle. Now pick out a nice dream.”

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