When I come across as too angry

I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be angry. That I don’t have to justify my anger anymore to anyone or to “prove” myself to anyone anymore. Or to say why. Or to say over and over that anger isn’t a disease. This is a fact and if no one likes it they don’t have to stick around.

If they don’t believe me they don’t have to. I am who I am. I choose to speak up and many others are grateful that I continue to speak up. The doctors that wronged me can do nothing to silence me now.

Either I die, or I won’t. Everyone dies eventually. Either way, those doctors and therapists that wronged me will lose. As long as I live, I will continue to speak out, and if I die, others who have also been abused will continue onward.

Never, ever shut up.

What has been started will not end. It was a spark, now a roaring fire. I was abused in so-called “mental health care” and in so-called “hospitals” and the reality stands. I am not delusional and I am not lying about what happened. This “help” is not help. This “care” is not care. Force isn’t ever healthy, nor does it lead to anything resembling wellness.

Do we want to live in a rigid police state? Or do we want love?

There is no gray area here.

There is no excuse for abuse.

There is indeed such thing as saying, “Julie, I am sorry.” I do, in fact, accept apologies. In fact, if those shrinks had only said to me, “I admit I was wrong, and I deeply apologize that I caused you such harm.” I surely would have accepted their apology. But no, they did not. Instead, they tried in every way they could to force-drug me and incarcerate me and take away every Constitutional right I have as adult citizen of this country.

That I know of, they will continue to attempt to do this until the day I die. They are so desperate to shut me up. I hate to inform them, but I have no plans to do so.


3 thoughts on “When I come across as too angry”

  1. Julie, it’s an awfully rare shrink who’ll admit he was wrong. One is Peter Breggin. I’ve been re-reading his 1991 classic “Toxic Psychiatry,” and in it he admits to giving electroshock to multiple patients when he was in training. Calls it “the regret of his life.” I wouldn’t expect many of the other 99.99% of them in this country to be so honest.

    Please, keep speaking out. Your rage is very inspirational!

    1. Oh, thanks so much. Rarely does anyone say that! Although occasionally someone says that I speak for them, or that they feel as I do, but perhaps they have been unable to speak it out loud due to their work or home situation. Say if a person is employed or in a “parents” or “school” situation and therefore unable to say something…you know, due to simply having too much at stake. Me? They can’t take much more from me. They can lock me up…I fear this often. I don’t put myself at that risk but I still fear it. I don’t go to shrinks and I don’t act crazy, simple as that. I don’t break the law. That’s how to stay out of mental hospitals. Still, they can find ways to nab a person, and they do this regularly. I fear it, too. Those “accidental” things that occur…house fires, being victim to a crime, getting into some accident of sorts, that sort of thing. Or some unfortunate medical emergency such as getting sick could give them reason to slap psychiatry back onto me for no reason. They’d need no proof or test and they know it, just “opinion!” Psychiatry is out of control! Julie

  2. Oh, to add to this, I did have a couple of psychiatrists that did, in fact apologize. These were honorable people. I would never fault either of them and they were great humans. They often showed their human side to me, and I did likewise. In fact, I recall we were frustrated together often. And I recall celebrating success together often. Funny, too, I did rather well as a result. They showed me respect and honor. Not perfection nor were they perfect doctors in any way. Just honor and respect. I totally miss that.

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