Who me? PAY $$ to march in the NEDA benefit walk? I must be seeing things.

The National Eating Disorders Association walk is taking place in a week here in the Boston area.  I’ll be there just like last year, but I’m sure not paying to march in it. Who ever heard of the sufferers being charged for such a thing. I think abusers should pay. Get these treatment place to pay sufferers for the damages they’ve done to us!

I lost my first college education and my entire musical career.
I was fired from my job due to hospitalization.
I was kicked out of nursing school.
I lost my dad.
I lost my partner.

No, “treatment” didn’t cause these losses. Not directly.

I’ve lost hospital roommates to suicide and other tragic horrors.  Much of this was treatment-induced.

However, my whole family split apart, mostly due to money spent on these quacks.

I was told I could not work or go to school because I should spend all my time in “programs.”  This was a lie. I never needed their programs and it was a waste of time and an insult.

I am suffering from trauma from repeated threats, forced care, accusations, physical abuse by staff, sexual abuse, manipulation, verbal abuse, and above all, extreme disrespect.

I experience nightmares and other signs of trauma.

Psychiatric drugging and medical neglect has wrecked my organs and this damage most likely will shorten my life.

And NOW, I’m being asked to PAY $25 to make people aware of this disease?  And the money goes to where? More treatment, where young people just like me get tortured?

Oh, c’mon, I shouldn’t be paying NEDA money, I should be the freaking guest of honor!

I’ve gone to the Facebook page for the event. You can see a photo of the NEDA folks up on the top of the page. So I’m old enough to be mom to some of them.

…meaning that I’m over half a century old.  If I’m still alive a decade from now, that is, 66 (I almost didn’t make it thru this year), maybe NEDA will award those proceeds to me if I’ve stood out there out front with my sign ten years in a row:

Never, ever shut up.

Well, if I get that much money from NEDA, I’ll be able to afford a fancy sign.

If not, put those words on my gravestone.

Feedback and comments welcome!