URGENT: Forced care bill up for vote MONDAY 3/31/14 in Washington

Here’s the text I am sharing, copied and pasted. NOTE: I have been asked to share this widely and this is NOT copyrighted material:

Please share widely!

On Monday, the Senate is likely to vote on an urgent Medicare bill (HR 4302) that includes an unrelated program to fund forced psychiatric treatment (Title 224, Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program). A Medicare rule kicks in Tuesday, April 1, that cuts payments to doctors. The House passed HR 4302 on a voice vote with no debate last Thursday. The Senate could do the same Monday and the President could sign it before midnight.

Call both Senators from your State IMMEDIATELY. (They will vote on this bill Monday.) Leave a short message:

“I am (name, city). My Senator should NOT vote for a Doc Fix that includes Section 224 of the House bill (HR 4302). Section 224 has nothing to do with Medicare. It would use Federal dollars to pay for forced psychiatric treatment in our communities. Forced treatment is traumatizing. It criminalizes people in crisis. It scares people away from seeking help. It is costly but not effective. Keep Section 224 out of the Doc Fix bill. (Leave your phone number if you want a return call.)

Please make these calls TODAY. Your voice counts if you make the calls!

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I will be making phone calls tomorrow.  This is essential folks.  If you are a voter, let your senator know, too. Your vote matters.

No matter who you are, one person’s vote is the same as anyone else’s. That means those of us who have felt worthless because we’ve been devalued because we’ve been stuck in “Mental Health Care” still get one vote just like anyone else.  Hey, as I always say, “Two can play at this game.”

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