Hey, dudes, all new Juliemadblogger Radio EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT!

Tune in every Sunday night!

I pre-recorded tonight’s broadcast. Just a fun one tonight cuz tonight’s weather is so unfun! I will let  you know a more direct way to access these, but here’s the first broadcast, right here!


How cool is that?  I think I pasted it correctly…

Next Sunday is the National Eating Disorders Association walk. If it ends up for me and Puzzle like last year’s walk, I’m sure that the next podcast will be awe-inspiring…even if I’m the only one who believes it!  Stay tuned cuz I hope to have plenty of listener input and contributions!

Remember, Never, Ever Shut Up.

Can I have that put on my gravestone?  Better yet, please do a grassroots e-mail, phoning, and petition campaign to St. Peter on my behalf cuz I’m sure gonna need it if I don’t shut up soon. See ya later!

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