Excellent article in Salon….sums it up.


I would have to say this is an excellent summary.  It’s an article about how mental health care has changed in this country over the past bunch of decades, and just how these changes have in fact has caused mental illness itself, that is, diagnosed mental illness.   The article states also that social isolation is on the rise as is dissatisfaction with jobs and increasing difficulty paying off school loans.  It’s a quick read if you want to get a good overall view of the goings-on.  As if many of us didn’t already know.

Then again, so many folks seem unaware.  You wonder what happy pills they are being given.  Or maybe Mr. Rochester had them locked up in that attic far too long.  Hey, ladies, want a light?

One thought on “Excellent article in Salon….sums it up.”

  1. I signed the request. That women (or men) should be compelled to buy anything is fascist. But rape insurance? Maybe such policies exist, but if there are I doubt a service member of either gender could afford a policy. I’d like to see an actuarial table on the likelihood of having to make a payout in the military.

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