Break a rule today

If you are reading this and like my blog it’s in part because you love the way I get sidetracked. Life is all about sidetracking and it’s about what distracts us.  It’s about Plan B, because Plan B happens to just about everyone.  We’ve been brainwashed into believing certain things are extremely important.  But if something grabs our attention from these supposedly important ideals, we’re told that’s “distraction” and that “distraction” is bad and being “unfocused” is a disease. Really?  Hogwash.

We’re told not to get distracted. Distraction is considered bad.   We are now told that being unfocused is a disease that needs to be corrected.  Really? Again and again, I see folks doing Plan B. Life happens when you’re not looking.  Love happens when you don’t expect it.  If you love my blog and are reading it, you love the way I go off topic and I don’t give a hoot.

Have you celebrated Plan B today?  Have you enjoyed what comes to you naturally, what was unplanned and unscheduled?  What rules or conventions have you challenged today?

Did you reach out to someone today? Did you ignore social prejudices and arbitrary boundaries our society has placed upon us based on race, disability, what people wear, their weight and appearance?

We do need to just about all the time stay within what’s legal, decent, and respectful considering what company surrounds us.  So if your dog poops on someone’s lawn, pick up the poops.  And if your dog poops on their lawn and they start giving you hell for it even though you are picking up after your dog, don’t make an issue of it, just avoid that lawn if you can help it.

Don’t walk around out in public naked.  If you go to a nudist colony or various events that have legal permission to walk around naked I hear it’s okay to walk around naked.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with walking around naked inside your own home, especially in the summer, so long as no one’s peeking.  I think I need to not talk too much about this.

In conclusion, my dog is usually not wearing anything at all. The Emperor wasn’t, either, or so I hear.

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