ADHD and video games (what did I tell you about TV?)

What have I been saying about TV all along?  When I was a young girl, I wrote to a TV station and told them that their shows were causing my two little brothers to fight with each other.  I told them to please take their violent shows off the air so my baby brothers would quit fighting.  Guess my family strengthening tactic didn’t work, eh?  Oh well, no one in my family paid lost a cent on that effort except for the cost of a postage stamp.  Compare that to the thousands they later paid to therapists, doctors, and treatment centers that did far more harm than good…..

Oh well. Today, my little girl argument still stands.  Check out this link, or don’t even bother if you don’t want to:

It’s a slide show presentation, one show on ADHD and then one on how you shouldn’t let your child play too many video games because this will cause attention problems, seizures, poor posture, lack of sunlight leading to poor absorption of Vitamin D (they say this deficiency could lead to all kinds of emotional difficulty), sleep deprivation…hey, are we talking about ADHD here?

So what does this all mean?  What are the answers? Why do we see more so-called ADHD these days? Why does it seem like the “in” thing is to take pills of some sort?

How about raising kids without TV?  Just don’t buy one in the first place.   Those noise boxes ruin your eyes and they make yucky, loud, unnatural noise for hours and hours.  You don’t notice the noise until you are away from it, but to me, this noise is rather horrible sounding.  The flickering is especially annoying and after you are away from it for years, seeing it again is incredibly alarming.  You’ll see what I mean if you get away from it, cuz most people see TV every day, so they don’t have a clue when I speak of the “flickering.”  Save money. Don’t pay an arm and a leg to that cable company for those dumb “shows” that are nothing but a waste of time. Why not live in silence?  Yep, try turning off those electronics.

I write with a computer and I love gadgets mainly because I hate humans so much, but please, please, use gadgetry in an active, educational way.  Make your gadgetry serve you.  Your gadgets are your robots. They are toys. We are boss. Our toys aren’t our teachers or mentors or Big Brothers, and we aren’t their slaves.

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