Thank you, Dr. Weil, from a person with an eating disorder

I have subscribed to Dr. Andrew Weil’s free mailing list for a while now.  Of course, I subscribe to so many mailing lists its hard to keep track of them all. They annoy the heck out of me, as there seem to be far too many these days. I’ve changed the way my e-mail is done so the “mailing lists” show up sorted in a folder-type thingies and my “personal mail,” that is, from actual people, shows up in front.  I LOVE that feature.   Dr. Weil’s e-mails, I admit, sometimes get read, but often don’t. Do I want to read something about “age spots” when I don’t give a hoot? Who cares if I have spots?

So here’s what showed up today:

Bravo, Dr. Weil!  This is the first time I’ve seen something that seemed eating disorders related that was first of all written by Dr. Weil himself, not Psychology Today, and secondly he didn’t recommend a shrink!  Thank you!  I know Dr. Weil has been around a while (that’s a compliment, coming from me) and seems to be an all-round doc, that is, not a specialist in any particular field, though he does tend to cater to older folks.  You can pretty much trust Dr. Weil’s advice, I’ve noticed.  If he says, for instance, that a certain way to do something isn’t safe, by all means, it isn’t.  When it comes to eating, I’d say we all eat in some fashion, so an all-round doc should know a few things about eating.  It’s sad that so many docs don’t.  Or they claim it’s a shrink issue, when it isn’t.  Eating is common, it’s basic, it should be table talk.  Pass me a plate, please!  All welcome at this table and asking for more is welcome, too.  Then again, those of us who have been around a bit would know.

Feedback and comments welcome!