Myths about poor people (my own version)

“Poverty is an attitude problem.”

Not true.  If you have an attitude about poor people, then YOU have an attitude problem.

“Poor people are bad parents.”

Not true.  Good parenting doesn’t mean buying expensive toys, gadgets, and equipment for your kids.  Love costs nothing. Paying attention to them and listening to them is priceless.  Did you hug your kids today, or look at them?

“Poor people are mentally ill.”

Not true.  There’s no correlation.  A mental illness diagnosis might make you poor eventually, though.  You might end up unemployed.

“Poor people are drug addicts.”

Not true.  I see many people turning to drugs who are poor.  However, what I am seeing mostly nowadays is gross negligence of poor people by the medical community. It’s cheaper to say “no” to a complex problem and turn a patient away, or give the patient pills.  Many poor people have no other way out.  They don’t have any way to get adequate medical care, so the only option is to turn to drugs such as pain medication, which is in most cases NOT care, but a band-aid.

“Poor people are unintelligent.”

This is also not true. Some are and some are not.

“All poor people need is religion and that will solve all their problems.”

Not true.  Every human has the same basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, warmth, and clean running water whether rich or poor.  The need for organized religion (0r the need to stay away from it) is the same for all humans regardless of how much money they have.

“Poor people are dirty.”

Not true.  Maybe if you see that your poor neighbor hasn’t showered, ask if they have hot water at home.  Maybe it’s been turned off. Maybe you can let their family shower at your home.  Or are you afraid?

“Poor people are criminals.”

No, they are people who were neglected by their families, by their friends, by their employers who wrongly fired them, by their doctors who wrongly refused medical care, by hospitals that stole their children, by the military that screws people and then lies and covers up its misdeeds, by our law enforcement that protects the rich against the poor, and the prison system which is I guess a metaphor for all this cuz…


And if you don’t see this, wait.

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