Knitters wanted to help these cuties!

Wanna help PENGUINS?  Yep, you can knit for penguins!  Here’s the link:

I’m listening to the audio supplied on the link (yep, real Aussie accents) talking about these ADORABLE birds that really will wear those sweaters you knit. Now if your doggie has ripped apart that sweater you knit for her the instant you put it on her after months and months of stitching, restitching, swearing your butt off and a zillion dollars spent on yarn, here’s your way of getting revenge on her and making her plenty jealous: make a two-zillion-dollar sweater for a birdie half her size!

I think she’ll get back atcha plenty. Next time it’s hailing out and it’s walk time, she’ll take 55 minutes circling your neighborhood ten times, dawdling till you’re soaked, twirl around 50 circles right smack in the middle of the nicest, most expensive lawn in the neighborhood, and then, finally poop.  Of course, it’ll be all mushy and require ten baggies. They’ll leak in your pocket and that’ll be the day you’re wearing that one jacket that’s DRY CLEAN ONLY.

What did I tell you about bad luck? Why did the Titanic sink? Bad morals?  It wasn’t trying hard enough?  It wasn’t ready?  It lacked insight?  It refused treatment?  Naw. The Titanic sank for one and one reason only: It hit an iceberg.

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