Working some more on my new book…hoping to do an open mic soon!

I’d love to post the intro to my new book, but I think I’ll keep it to myself for now. I’d love to do a public reading soon. I think I need a venue, an open mic somewhere. I’ll figure out something exciting to read. Something really sparkling. I’ll letch’all know ahead of time.  Way ahead.  I’ll give you all at least a week heads up.  I’ll read on nice popular topic too.

It’ll be place with good parking, T accessible, for sure, but you might be resisting arrest, and then sleeping in a bug-infested youth hostel the night before in order to get there.    Never mind waking up the next morning to find out the gas has been siphoned out of your tank…oh, didn’t I say you get a few extra required vaccinations?  Pass through a security station and get x-rayed?  Then the strip search before entry. They sure want to screen for crazies…you gotta pass the psych exam. And show your ID to prove you’re you, if you can even remember after the shock treatments they give you. They’ll take some blood to make sure you’ve taken the right meds and not any illegal ones. And don’t forget to leave your kids with them…permanently…not that you’ll have any choice.

Um…no, I think if you went THERE, you have stuff mixed up a bit. You’ve got the wrong address. Don’t go to where the shrinks are.  Come to my spoken word event.  I’ll find an open mic somewhere and then let you know where I’ll be. Soon.

Feedback and comments welcome!