My comments on Thomas Insel’s keynote address: NEDA conference…as posted on YouTube

First of all, my little two cents were the following:

So, Dr. Insel….Perhaps you are well aware that you are seeing entirely through rose-colored glasses believing that all “eating disorders treatment” is so wonderful as that which your daughter Laura received in Atlanta.  For most of us, finding humane treatment, or any treatment at all from knowledgeable or competent practitioners or facilities is almost always impossible.  What are you doing about making these so-called “hospitals” respect our human rights and stop being simply prisons for skinny kids?

You speak of insight. Frankly, the problem isn’t the that the patients lack insight. The practitioners themselves lack insight and fail to see the wonderful insights that us patients have.  The DSM, any DSM, should be tossed out, and the voice of those who actually have these eating problems should rise above the voice of unknowing “experts.”  Psychiatry should take its fingers out of the pie.  These classifications and oversimplifications do us no favor. They cause stereotyping, bigotry, profiling, and denial of care.

For instance, during my very last ever appointment with such a person, a psychiatrist, September 2013, this woman “looked me up and down,” clearly trying to sneak a peek at my weight, and then, noting that I was thin, said to me, “So what’s your problem?”  She pulled out her prescription pad.

I told her I suffered from anorexia and I also suffered from severe binge eating but that I did not throw up.

The woman glanced at me again and then said, “No, that’s impossible. There’s no such thing as as anorexia with binge eating.  You are delusional. Take a pill.”

I left in disgust, realizing my eating disorder had been around longer than she had even been alive.  Dr. Insel, I’m no adolescent. I’m your age. When you and I were growing up, we didn’t see Twiggy on the news.  I saw Vietnam, and later, I heard Nixon lie. You did, too.  My doctors lied to me as well.

(I posted this a while back, as soon as I watched the You-Tube.)
So here’s Dr. Insel’s keynote address to the NEDA conference.  I am totally convinced that “healthcare” in this country means “healthcare for the rich,” or, rather…
You may be rich now, but wait until the money runs out. Then you will ask what the hell happened and what it is all about.

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