Local guy hosts gurus, mutual payoffs

So there’s this local dude, whom I will not name….He runs these “dinners” I see.  Quite ritzy.  I think local gurus, and perhaps some from afar, pay him sums to run seminars that he hosts. So he charges a bit and runs these via the Meetup venue.  Calls them “macrobiotic” or whatever nonsense that’s trendy and sounds natural and might bring in some dough and hungry people.

So the gurus come in and sell their snake oil to sick people that might fall for it.  Pyramid schemes.  You buy into it, become an “affiliate,” put their ads on your website, whatever.  You buy, become a vendor yourself, become a great guru, you make your own Get Rich Quick scam, you become a guru yourself and then guess what? You are a guest speaker at this guy’s macrobiotic dinner someday.

And guess what? The snake oil doesn’t work, macro dude. It’s overpriced.  You might as well buy olive oil. You can buy that cheaply in the Goya aisle. The rest of us are waiting for our food stamps to kick in and then we’ll go out and buy it.  Or maybe not.  You, macro dude, meanwhile, can take your money and go to hell.

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