What if there was no such thing as social prestige….

just imagine flattening: no one’s famous or powerful anymore
So if Obama said, “We Need Change,” it would be just the same as if I said it.

Only a few people would read it. Many would just dismiss what he’d said, figuring he was some crazy dude, so why bother? Many people have him hidden anyway.

So many feel threatened by him, even questioning his sanity. Any day now, the police could show up at his home. You gotta watch what you say these days.

—posted on Facebook 16 hours ago.

I use boxcutters for their intended purpose, and none other….


This is a picture of all the recycling I just took out.  I cut apart all the boxes I had to compress them so that I could take them out all at once.  I feel liberated!  I no longer have zillions of boxes cluttering up my apartment.

You would not believe how many boxes this was.

It was dumb to save them up for that imagined “moving day.”  I mean, dream on, Julie.  I can get boxes from UHaul in a flash if I really need them, if this moving day actually materializes.  Or, shall I say, when.

Also, I cleaned up the hard drive of the computer I’m writing on and wow, what a difference.  No more freezing!  I thought this computer was on its way out. All the programs were freezing and the screen was turning white every few minutes.  It hasn’t turned white once since the cleanup, and there isn’t any keyboard lag anymore, either.  All I did was to move the large files onto a portable hard drive. These had also been backed up into cloud storage as well.   Then, I shredded those files, the ones on the hard drive of this computer.  Poof!  Fixed.

Not everyone is a blind follower….

Today, the blind followers will hear
That “bad behavior” equals “we don’t want you here”
That “we don’t want you here” equals “mentally ill”
That “the mentally ill should go elsewhere”
That “the mentally ill are dangerous for our children.”

It’s 6am, and I’m sitting here at home and I’m rather certain
That this is what the blind followers will hear in a few hours.

However, not all are blind followers.
I, for one, am not.

I encourage anyone who is reading this now
To walk out, or just not show up anymore.
If you can, speak out.
It’s a tough world out there.