Want some peace? Turn off your facebook notifications.

I got so sick of the “groups” that I turned most of them off.  Sure, I’m still a member but getting the beeps and buzzes every time someone posted was getting annoying.

No, I told myself, I didn’t really have to go running to every cause out there and give every last bit of energy I had left.  I could save some of my energy to stay alive.

Of course, I turned off all electronics for lengthy periods, only to be bombarded again and again with multiple notifications from the “groups” once I turned them back on.  One person arguing one thing, another person making another point I felt I could not ignore.

It was turning into one big hate machine.  I didn’t feel okay with it.  Sure, we’re all in this together, but why all this backbiting?  I always suspected that Facebook turned mature adults into a bunch of bullying junior high school kids.  Now, I really believe it.  I think it’s sad.

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