What is it with these lyme disease people and why is it so trendy?

So I’m told to go get tested.  The same people tell absolutely everyone they’ve got lyme. They’d tell Obama. They’d tell their mailman, too. Really? Why?  Why does everyone have the same disease YOU have?

Sure, gluten is the cause of all Evil in the world, too. It used to be sugar. Oh, for a while it was alcohol. Or sex.  Now, ticks?

Remember Y2K?

Oh, so it’s great to get “diagnosed” and now, it’s


So what now?  Will all the haters then come back to me and apologize?
“Gee, Julie, I’M SORRY, I blamed you all this time and I had no clue a tiny tick was the Evil one.”

Well, gee. How much does it cost to shift the blame, to get some “tick” on record?  It sure would be nice to undo all the hate-type baloney that’s been heaped on me lately.

Only kidding.  I’m outa here.

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