I was at the protest for Justina Pelletier yesterday…mixed feelings

My feelings are mixed right now.  Ambiguous.

1. Of course, I support the cause. This is a no-brainer.  No kid should be locked in a psych ward and denied medical care.  Justina needs lifesaving medical treatment so she will stay alive.

2. Justina will need help, lots of loving care, to help her recover from severe trauma that I’m sure she’s now suffering resulting from abuse that she endured from A YEAR IN A PSYCH WARD AND FOSTER “CARE.” She’s not even living with a family. She’s in some “group home.” This place is not providing the medical care she needs.

3. I myself know how traumatizing it is to spend a week in one of these psych wards.  Imagine spending whole year in such a place.  You don’t just leave a place like this, go home, and suddenly, poof! You’re just fine.  Get real, folks.

4.. Many folks have been abused by this system that has gone awry. Parents wrongly accused and many people locked up against their will and called “sick.”  Why do we lock up sick people and punish them? What kind of sense does that make? It only causes further illness and trauma.

5. And why are we putting down the folks that are angry about this?  If your kid was taken from you or killed by the System, wouldn’t you be pissed off?  If a parent’s kid got stolen by these medical criminals, and the parent then behaved perfectly, I’d be kinda worried, wouldn’t you?  I’d wonder what sort of brainwashing cult had gotten hold of them, or had they been shooting themselves up with needles or smoking something stinky, wouldn’t you?  If you’d been locked up and abused, you’d be pissed off just like I am.  The trauma doesn’t go away for a long, long time. 

6. I think people need to stop backbiting.  It really makes this movement look bad, and it turns people away.

7. I don’t make any links to religion here.  I don’t see it as a “Christian cause.”  Hardly. I do think it’s horrible that any human being is denied the right to worship as they choose. Likewise, the fact that Justina was not allowed to go to Mass even on Christmas is despicable.

I recall in recent years, I believe it was 2012, I when I was incarcerated on a “unit” and while there, I forced the staff to allow patients to celebrate Ash Wednesday. The staff weren’t going to allow it, but I argued that it was the patients’ rights to worship and this was an American right above hospital policy.  Patients got their way.  I won. I’m not Catholic but I knew this is important to Catholic people.  I remember this from my youth when I had Catholic friends.

Likewise, I have the right to not bring Jesus into the picture.  I showed up at Monday’s protest not because of anything to do with Jesus. I am a Jew and I was taught since I was a small child not to believe in such things, that it’s just another story like any other.  I’m a writer.  I write all kinds of stories and you can believe them, or not.

And I’m not done saying what I want to say.

Feedback and comments welcome!