Gurus with no qualifications that charge a fortune

What’s with these gurus? Especially the ones that charge an arm and a leg. The ones that have all the answers. The hocus pocus and their marketing and their large following and of course, “testimonials.” What the fuck?

If you go to one that says they are a “therapist” and clearly, the person isn’t a therapist, that is, the person isn’t clear about  what their training is, then please, walk out.

If the person says they are a therapist, then what kind? Physical therapists have very specific degrees and have specific qualifications.  Massage therapists have specific training, and there are different types of training, so ask what they are trained to do.  People who mow your lawn should know how to work the lawnmower that they are operating.

All of these folks should show up on time. You should do likewise.

Beyond that, what’s with the gurus?  I think if people are offering “services,” then they need to state, “I am not professionally trained” if they have no college degree or job training in their field. Some folks learned a trade because the skill was passed on through the generations over hundreds of years.  Well, then, the person needs to tell you this, and then, fine.  If it’s not believable, then don’t hire the person.  If they have no qualifications, you choose. Do you want to pay a fortune for guesswork?

Now maybe the gurus are poking fun at shrinks. Cuz what do shrinks do? Sure, they go to school, but what they do isn’t science. It’s guesswork.  Maybe the fake gurus are playing the game and saying, “Hey, if shrinks can do guesswork, so can I and get away with it.”

I will tell you a story to prove it.  In my next post.

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