Statistical conflict

I’m quoting this from a website, successfulschizophrenia dot org:

“Nancy C. Andreason, editor of the Journal of Psychiatry, and administrators with National Institute for Mental Health say that one out of every ten people with schizophrenia commits suicide. They say this even though there is no research to support their declaration.

Since one percent of the population in the United States is said to have schizophrenia (over 2.9 million cases), if psychiatrists are right, the national suicide statistics for people with schizophrenia would be over 290,000 a year. The US rate of all suicides for all causes, however, is about 30,000 a year, with most suicides being older people with physical problems. Where are all the missing bodies (over a quarter million) of suicides from schizophrenia that psychiatrists claim are taking place?”

Hmmm…yeah, this Andreason was sorta fudging statistics in the Journal of Psychiatry.

Then, again, we all know these shrinks will lie like mad just to get folks to look credible. Anything for POWER. Cuz the profession is weak and not even science.  It’s all guesswork.

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