Do you “miss Walden”? Well, then, you are perpetuating your ED.

If you miss treatment and all your pals there, then that’s why you aren’t getting better, my friend.  You need to quit the merry-go-round, the keep-coming-back machine.  That’s what’s holding you back.

That’s why I often call it “The Club.”  That place where all your friends are.  You go there when you are lonely.  Wanna talk about it in therapy?

If all your friends are there, you will ache for them.  That’s all depression is in a nutshell.  That’s loneliness.  Missing your treatment pals.  Oh so lonely on the weekends when no buddies are around.  Shall we take a pill for it?  Shall we learn new coping skills?

Let’s all get a tattoo and say we all belong to this wonderful club.

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