“Treatment” for the real evils in society: stigma, hatred, and prejudice…should this be imposed on abusive mental health professionals?

Often, folks in antipsychiatry speak of there being no mental illness. But I wonder maybe if this is true or not. I am beginning to wonder if maybe there indeed is a mental illness.   I can identify one: racism.  Surely, that’s a mental illness, isn’t it?  Here’s another: homophobia.  I think not only are these “illnesses” but that they are things people should rightly get locked up for. Why are we instead locking up people who are depressed or confused that have committed no crime?

I truly believe these are illnesses and I do believe people can go to a sort of “group therapy” or “support group” or “individual therapy” and get whatever rotten attitudes they have “fixed.” In fact, I think it should be required that people should be forced to get “treatment” if these “illnesses cause hateful crimes such as lynchings, rape, murder, and the like.

What about stigma against people with mental illness or another disability, such as a learning disability or autism or MS or Alzheimer’s, and what if this prejudicial attitude causes abuse toward someone in this vulnerable population?  Should a person with such prejudice be forced into forced treatment, such as a “therapy group” for those who abuse such folks?

What about mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists that coerce their patients to take dangerous drugs without informing them fully of the side effects?  What about therapists that cross boundary lines?  What about mental health professionals that just don’t care?  I think psychiatrists, too, should be forced into “therapy” for abusers.  These psychiatrists and therapists certainly need long-term, intensive care, because they certainly have deep-set, serious disorders, don’t you think?

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