business idea: homemade dog food sold by the pint

Here’s what I’m thinking:

It’s so cool that I make Puzzle’s food for her myself. Each batch comes out unique.  This last batch is about the same color as Puzzle!  The stuff you buy in cans often contains red dyes and that’s why it’s so dark. Unfortunately, the red dye makes Puzzle sick, so I imagine it makes many other dogs sick, too. But dogs sure love canned food.

What’s cool about Puzzle’s food is that it’s human grade.  Now this makes it different from other dog foods, don’t you think?  If I were to market it, I wouldn’t have to put any warning label on it saying: “For dogs only.”  Personally, I find it rather yucky tasting for the human palate, however, there’s nothing in it that would be unsafe for humans or unwise to consume.

I suppose there are regulations.  I mean, it’s perishable, so if I’m selling it, there must be rules and such. But it’s for dogs.  Hmm….I should look this up.

I figure I would make some, put it into pint-size containers, then freeze it. I’d sell the frozen pints. So this would be a local business.  I could deliver via the T or customers could pick up.  Maybe I could donate some of it to shelters and local vets, even food pantries.

I should learn to make dog biscuits, too.

Hmm…Puzzle’s Kitchen?  It’s a thought.

2 thoughts on “business idea: homemade dog food sold by the pint”

  1. It sounds like a viable cottage industry as long as you find out what demand there is for it and work out how to distribute it. I think it’s a good thing if the product is consistent so that people know what they are going to get each time, but that’s just my opinion.

    My latest idea is to grow palm trees! We have a lot of young ones springing up in our garden so we’re going top pot them and grow them up. People will pay for trees of a certain size so it’s worth giving it a go. So it’s shaping up to be a busy day here.

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