Go to a prison instead of a mental hospital, you might have a better life there

In prison, do you get to talk to other inmates?  I can hear the conversation now:

Question: “So, what are you in for?”

Answer: “Depression.  You?”

So life goes on in prison. I hear they get to work out.  They got dumbbells and stuff.

The guards are mean, I hear. Same deal in a hospital.

You get medical care in a prison.  If not, I wonder if prisoners even have someone they can complain to who hears them?

Prisoners don’t have rights.  Mental patients don’t, either. Sure, we have laws but they aren’t followed and are considered trivial.

We mental patients can complain all we want and it does nothing.

So much talk about conditions in prisons. Unfair sentencing for people with dark skin. We mental patients get unfair sentencing, too, depending on PR stuff between the higher-ups.

You even have a number.  Prisoners, too, I guess.

You get same sex prisons.  One thing you don’t get in either place is privacy. Unless you are put in seclusion.  I’m not sure about prison, but I think their privacy in seclusion is real.  In a mental hospital, even in seclusion, you have two annoying eyes staring you down. How lovely.

Tell me this imprisonment was all for my own good and I’ll tell you to go to hell.

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