3 thoughts on “Check out my latest video: The Unmaking of a Mental Patient”

  1. I was waiting for you to post this and I wasn’t disappointed. You have a great story to tell and, ably assisted by Puzzle, you are very compelling. I’m sure that the life that you have led and the way you have overcome your problem eating would be such an inspiration for other sufferers. Just the length of time that you have endured and come through stronger is an inspiration and a cause for hope. I think you are great.

    BTW, at around the twelve minute mark, two Julie Greene’s appear and two voices can be heard. It only lasts a short while and is rather atmospheric!

    1. How funny…must’ve happened in conversion.

      What happened was that while recording, I accidentally hit the stop button. So I just started up from where I left off, and spliced the two together. I didn’t check the final version for errors, although it could have been Vimeo’s doing.

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