Clarified, new gun laws…

I don’t think guns should be so easy to get and I don’t like the “I need a gun to defend myself,” mentality. Makes no sense to me.  It’s not logical that a gun will protect anyone.  If a person is that afraid that they will be attacked, they are better off with a dog that will bark loudly and scare the heck out of an attacker.  Just the bark, no bite necessary, cuz dog bites are messy.  Barking hurts no one but makes a statement.  I hear tiny Chihuahuas are amazing at scaring off intruders. A gun is unnecessary and won’t make a loud noise until the trigger is pulled and damage is done.  No such damage has ever done anyone any good.

As for looking into people’s mental health records…apparently the petition going around implies that anyone who currently owns a gun is going to have their records peeked into, even if, say, that gun was purchased 20 years ago.  I received a message from a reliable source assuring me that this is not true.  The “mental health records” will only be looked into if you attempt to buy a gun.  I hear that this has always been the case, that they always have peeked into people’s records.

Of course, we all know that what’s in “mental health records” is shit.  We know it’s mostly opinion and not fact.

We know any doctor (or certain RN’s, a social worker, or in some cases, the cops) can pull a whammy on someone and get them thrown into a hospital, or forced into unwanted or unnecessary “treatment.” I have seen in action this “sectioning” done without rhyme or reason.  We know diagnosis means nothing.

But think about it: It’s the FBI looking into these records, not some rinky-dink doctor at a hospital or clinic somewhere.  I think an organization as smart as the FBI can probably tell the difference between opinion and fact.  And the reliable source assured me that the FBI wouldn’t leak information, that they go by the books.

I would assume that if a person has a history of violent acts against other people, this will be found out somehow and this person will be prevented from purchasing a gun. History of violence has nothing to do with mental condition or “diagnosis.”  It’s sad that the place where this history might be detected is inside mental health records.  These incidents of violence, if they have occurred, need to be taken seriously.  I have more to say about this, and I will.

Still, I cannot support this law.  I don’t like what it seems to be leading to and I don’t like the statement it makes.  I don’t think a person’s mental health history has anything to do with whether or not they abide by the law.


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