To clarify, this is what happened Friday, to the extent that I can speak of it publicly

I had written an e-mail concerning discrimination against people with mental illness diagnosis.  Perhaps I should have used third person in the e-mail and not identified myself as one of the people discriminated against.  However, I felt honesty was more important.  And I stated how the discrimination made me feel and that I hoped that others would speak out against the general attitude being demonstrated.  It was a private e-mail to someone I’d never met, a higher-up.

I mentioned Adam Lanza in the e-mail. I stated that this is the kind of thing that happens when there is this societal hatred toward people with these diagnoses.  No way was I threatening anything.

The higher-up wrote back and stated that there was nothing she could do about the discrimination and I wrote back that I accepted her answer. Here, I will quote what I said because I think it’s this exact statement that got totally misinterpreted: “I’ll figure out some other way to deal with it.  For the sake of others like me stuck in this situation, I’m not going to sit by and do nothing at all.”

Of course, Friday I went to a protest.  Is that “doing nothing”?  Well, I do everything I can, and I have no money, no social clout (clearly), and I’m worn out all the time.

So Friday I came home…wham!  Immediately, a knock on my door.  Here are two people and a cop.  Scared to death of me like I’m gonna kill someone, commit some horrible murderous act. All scared of me.  (Of course, I think they are scared for other reasons, too, but anyway….Can’t get into it….)

So this goes to show ya…This is further discrimination!

Today I felt like I was just gonna crumble. Tired of the put-downs, the insults, everything.

However, I keep going.  I can’t let people’s little remarks get to me too much.  If I did, I wouldn’t last.

4 thoughts on “To clarify, this is what happened Friday, to the extent that I can speak of it publicly”

  1. Julie, It sounds pretty likely you had a real impact on somebody, and that person is only prejecting the hatred and prejudice in his/her own soul onto you. There’s no way anybody with an understanding of English could take anything you said as even remotely threatening, except perhaps to their own cowardice, denial and evil. I think that their hysterical reaction (and not in the funny sense) in calling the mental health militia on you is proof that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” You touched a nerve somewhere and made them squirm. Very inspirational!

    1. Precisely, John…Whatever I said in the e-mail hit home. Yeah, trouble, and I got blamed. Not sure what they were trying to prove, but I think they looked like fools. In this instance, the cop was clearly the one not afraid of me. She’s experienced and she knew the difference between “pissed off” and “about to kill someone.” So now, the ball’s back in the other court…Julie isn’t crazy….

      1. PS, John, there’s more, can’t speak publicly about it. Bribery, making me an offer…but only if I limit my communication, in other words, censored…hard to explain, but no, I will not accept this offer.

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