Societal hatred of a person who attempted suicide

This is a question I have been attempting to answer and I think I now have the answer to the question:

Why does society hate a person after they make a failed suicide attempt?

I cannot say whether what happened last summer was a suicide attempt or not, I mean, it was what it was no matter what words you use to classify it.  One thing I know is true.  I stopped eating because to me it seemed like nobody gave a shit about me.

Was this “illness”?  Was this some incorrect perception?  Was I totally off base and did everyone actually love me and want me around? Absolutely not.  I sure wasn’t Miss Popularity.

I was dead right that very few gave a shit.  I was talking about it all along, too.  I was so happy whenever my phone rang, this being so rare, that I would nearly cry with joy.  This isolation had been going on for over a year.  I would call people to ask them out for coffee and they would avoid my calls and then lie and give some fake reason why they hadn’t called me back.

I was still trying desperately to get “mental health care,” coming up with “no” for an answer every time. The few I was able to get were duds that I couldn’t stay with or they had no interest in helping.

Of course, with my brothers having avoided me for a couple of decades now, this meant zilch for “family.”

I was broke and that sucked too.

It doesn’t exactly make you feel great about life.

Many turn to drugs. They get high all the time and that’s their escape.  Or they run away in some other fashion.  They are people who are disillusioned, fed up, totally stuck. All because they get discriminated against.

Of course, there are those that do indeed kill themselves.  Or they try and don’t succeed.  The irony is that society then proceeds to further discriminate, driving the message home, “No, we don’t give a shit about you, it’s true!”

Society should not be doing this. We should love the person, not treat them like they are “dangerous.”

Maybe society can’t face the fact that they really should have behaved more lovingly, and instead of showing the person proper respect, they continue to discriminate, placing blame where blame should not be placed.  Perhaps they cannot face themselves.  Maybe the suicide attempt says, “Hey, our SOCIETY needs to WAKE UP.”  I don’t think suicide is a cry for help or a statement about mental illness. Maybe that’s it.  Guilt.

Or at least, in my case, my self-starvation wasn’t saying, “Look at me!” it was, “Look at yourselves.”  Maybe no one really wanted to, and they are still unwilling.

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  1. Hi Julie, You have obviously had a rough few days but you will keep going, I’m sure.

    The link you looked for earlier is also on the “Sydney Morning Herald” site which is almost certainly equally inaccessible to you! If you google the words “Maraquita” and “Sunbury” you can read about the case, which you will not be surprised to learn, is one of many. The only difference between your situation and theirs is a generational one. Thankfully this place is closed now but maybe not enough has changed.

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