Check out this article, kid with schiz diagnosis killed by cops when parents called for help…Keith Vidal…and my commentary, as usual

Here’s the article:

As you know, I have certain…er, feelings about cops.  No, I don’t truly believe all cops are bad.  Cops are human so I assume some are nice and some aren’t.  However, I’ve had so many bad experiences that I am scared when I hear a siren or see cops, cuz I associate them with being forcibly taken from my home.

So I imagine this 18-year-old kid had the same expectations and the same fears.  Why wouldn’t he?  He was probably scared to death to end up in yet another mental hospital.  I have seen the way they treat kids with schiz diagnosis in hospitals, they are treated the worst, often like they aren’t even human, they are violent animals that must be contained, creatures that have no real human feelings. They will speak of this kid right in front of him like he’s not there.  I know, I had schizoaffective disorder (supposedly) and they sure did the same thing to me often enough.

I don’t know what to say about the parents or what they were trying to do. Guess it was just a family fight.  Eighteen-year-old kids have fights with their parents all the time.  And lots of 18-year-old boys carry screwdrivers and odd tools around with them, by the way.

As you know, I was recently profiled. That’s right, profiled.  I wrote a letter that contained in it no violent threats, but the letter was misinterpreted as  a threat and the police and a couple other people came to my home yesterday.

Someone misinterpreted the whole thing somehow and the information got skewed.  I never posted a violent threat publicly. This was a private e-mail I sent.  I would never post in a public forum about the touchy matter contained in the e-mail.

I discussed mental illness stigma, and because I brought up the name of Adam Lanza, someone assumed I was dangerous, possibly armed and out to get someone.

The police who showed up at my door were not the regular, er, combat police. This was the police social worker. Still, I know she’s got “sectioning” power.  These people can section based on opinion, there doesn’t even have to be real fact!

So based on no real evidence, it was assumed I was armed and dangerous when in fact, I certainly wasn’t.  I was armed with my pen and I was writing, that’s all, no violence here.

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  1. Julie, I don’t know you except through this blog, but I feel very confident that you are not violent. It’s just such a crazy world and some people are threatening so I suppose that the police over-react. I would bet that when they met you, they realised immediately that you were no danger to anybody. Also, In the US you have a lot of guns that are not legally allowed, in the hands of ordinary people, in the UK or Australia.

    1. It’s funny, yes, the police social worker knew right away that I’m not violent, no one that’s gonna attack anyone, that the other two (I cannot say who they were) were totally wrong about me. The police social worker I’m sure straightened them out if they spoke at all afterward. I was laughing, but it’s so sad that I was assumed to be violent.


  2. It’s a shame that the link didn’t work. It’s a ten minute clip exploring the reasons for a woman being locked away for 22 years in an asylum. Her son is featured roaming the,now derelict, building and talking about his mother. Apparently his mother had written to the state governor (I think) who decided that she was sane but it became clear that people in high places would be embarrassed by her release. The conclusion to the short film was that a great injustice had been done to a woman who was maybe “slightly eccentric”. I saw this on ‘The Age’ website which is the Melbourne newspaper. You may be able to look at that.

    1. M, there were so many locked away for the dumbest reasons. Then, they get medicated and due to the terrible side effects of the meds, they are deemed further ill and it ends up being for life. I’d say in 75% of cases, these “lifers” were all just like me, capable people with minor problems who ended up being treated as “chronically ill” and no way were they sick! The minor problems were mostly growing up sorts of things that of course, they would have grown out of in time. I’ll go look for it.

      1. That plus the “embarrassment” factor is also relevant in my case, too. No one wants to admit to it! Doctors rarely want to say, “I was mistaken, and I’m sorry I wrongly accused you.” Ever notice that? I think it would be honorable if these docs would come forward and just apologize for they’ve done, because their claims now seem totally illogical to me.

        Of course, a well-meaning person today got online and told me I was “paranoid” and “needed help,” but I don’t feel her claims were at all credible. Never met the girl face-to-face or spoken to her. Someone less than half my age claiming to have more experience and knowledge than I have needs to start thinking logically. I need to be patient, too, cuz nobody grows up overnight.

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