So…apparently because of my “diagnosis,” something harmless I said was misconstrued as a threat

I now see what it was that I stated, in a private e-mail, that was completely misinterpreted as a threat that I would commit some terrible, violent act, (such as a mass shooting) or that I would do physical harm to a specific person.  However, I have no clue where this comes from.

“I will not sit by and do nothing” is my modus operandus.  If I see something wrong, I’m not going to turn my back and forget it exists.  If I see someone that needs help, I’ll help that person instead of turning away. This was why I went to the protest yesterday, and why I speak up.

“I’ll figure out some other way to deal with it” isn’t specific and in no way did I have any clue this was going to be misread as a threat of violence.

Wow, a person like me has to be so darned careful!  Everything I say is assumed to be some kind of “mental fit.”  If I show any expression in my voice at all, I get jumped on and someone assumes I’m “terribly upset,” when all I am doing is making sure I express myself in something other than an unfeeling monotone.  Everything I do that isn’t boring seems to get turned into some indication that I need to be locked up.  People are so scared of me and I’m downright disgusted.

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