Happy Birthday, me

Progress Report (as posted on Facebook just now):

Progress Report: Today is my 56th birthday.
1. I am alive.
2. I have a roof over my head. I paid my rent this month.
3. I am able to speak English fluently. My speech is no longer slurred because I no longer take antipsychotic drugs.
4. I have amazingly healthy skin and hair. I don’t have to worry anymore about pimples or excessive sunburn, both side effects from medication I once took.
5. I still get my periods. Just about every month. Guess that means I’m not pregnant, eh?
6. I no longer suffer from any hand tremors nor do I have trouble keeping my balance the way I used to when I took psychiatric medications.
7. I recognized over the past year that after all these decades, I never had a mental illness. I believe that most that end up in mental health care aren’t as sick as they are led to believe. I myself was completely convinced I had a terrible, limiting illness for a long time. I am free of this false belief.
8. There’s enough food in the house for me and Puzzle. I cook some for us every day. I am no longer forced to follow a meal plan and no one babysits how much I eat or what I weigh. I have gotten rid of the excessive monitoring and am finally free to live my life as a responsible adult, and as a result, I am doing fine with eating.
8. I own a bathroom scale. I love that it’s my choice to own one or not. Now and then I dust it off and step on it. After 56 years, my own weight bores me, but I do have to keep an eye on Puzzle’s.
9. I am no longer enslaved to the Mental Health System in any way. I am liberated from the grind of weekly therapy sessions and forced weigh-ins, nor do I ever see a psychiatrist. I am free of all programs and support groups as well. I do not receive any visits from state workers or any type of “services,” only financial assistance.
10. I would like to get a job if I can find one. I would like to get more involved with other writers over the next year and work on a new long-term project.

So many people have reacted negatively to this new way I have chosen. So this shift, this change wasn’t easy. I cried a lot. I hear having a baby is rather tough, too, and you hear a bunch of screams, but I’ve never done that.

Happy birthday, me.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, me”

    1. Thanks so much. It’s always cold or snowy on my birthday…guess it’s summer where you are. It’s decent out, clear and bright, but right now still only 13 degrees. I plan to go to the gym today.


  1. Happy birthday! I’m setting some goals for myself this year around writing. These goals will force me to develop a schedule and stay productive. You want to be virtual writing buddies? Now, I have to admit, I’m sometimes slow to respond, but do you want to do a monthly check-in? Say the first of each month, just to have someone to keep pushing us forward?
    No worries if you’re not interested. No pressure. I’m easy either way.

    1. Are you kidding? Of course I’m interested! Yes!
      Write to me and send me your daily schedule. I need to make a new one to accommodate the problems that go along with low kidney functioning. I’m working with some folks on this and would love your input! I would love to see how you work your schedule around BABIES!


      1. Lol. Ok. This is great. You’re just the motivation I need to sit down and put that schedule in writing. I’ll send it to you once I’ve put it together. Give me a week or so!!

        This post was serendipitous.

        1. Serendipity is how life works. It’s not about smarts and hard work. I have lots of smarts and I work hard, always have, but that was definitely getting me nowhere from the start. Brains, after all, and common sense, will get you fired from your job. We all know that.

          I had to decide if I was gonna bow down to authority, keep my mouth shut, and keep the job, or if I was gonna find anther way.


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