Medical abuse is real

People do speak up.  Or try to. But it’s hard.  You speak up, you’re called names, told you’re lying, told you “don’t want to get better,” told you “have a bad attitude,” and worse.  I have heard the worst horror stories coming from every hospital in the Boston area. There are no “good hospitals.” Show me one where they don’t break the law, where abuse doesn’t exist, where most patients go home and feel like they were treated well.

No, theses aren’t cozy places. I’m not asking for anything cushy.  But they should be humane! They shouldn’t be torture houses!  I shouldn’t have to leave and feel like I’m saving my life by doing so!

Patients leave these places scared. They come home and cry, just like I did.  They want someone to believe them.  If they are lucky, their families do, their own family doctors do, and they are surrounded by decent, loving people when they come home and recover from hospital horror.  I wasn’t so lucky.

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