2 thoughts on “Getting down to NEGATIVE SEVEN tonight….”

  1. On our news today, Australia, specifically Queensland, experiencing record highs. Also worth a mention, the cold and snow in NY and Boston. (It must be bad because we are usually quite insular) Here in Sydney, cloudy, warmish and quite bearable, whichever way you call it.

    Do stay warm and safe. Some of us care about what happens to you.

    1. Now how weird is that? Yeah, I’m concerned about those who don’t have a roof over their heads or anyone without adequate heat. My heat works right now. They fixed it, but after a week it stopped working properly in one room. It doesn’t heat enough because I’m on a lower floor, but it’s certainly livable for now. I hope it stays this way and I don’t have to call the maintenance guys anytime soon! Keep cool! Julie

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