So I was again called “dangerous” and someone said I was giving horrible advice and I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Why?  It’s not good to give advice but often I make the mistake and I get tempted.  Cuz what did I tell someone? Maybe it was dumb, but not so dumb when you think of it, really.

It’s true, actually, that when you call the local crisis team, your call is going to be traced.  Yep. Traced. So they can call the cops on you.  If you block the call, which of course I’ve done, they will immediately notice, and demand to know who is calling…so they can call the cops on you.

So calling the cops…why is this good and why is this not so good.  If you are calling and saying, “I am being attacked!  Help!” then obviously, it’s a very good thing that they’ve got Caller ID. Great for modern technology cuz they can then send someone to come rescue you. But chances are the average person who  is being attacked is going to call 911…well, you never know.  I mean, I can sit here writing and inventing scenarios for you…endlessly.  A kid eats a bottle of aspirin and then the parent is panicked and instead of calling Poison Control, somehow dials the Mental Health Crisis Team…now obviously, the Crisis Team isn’t the number to call…who knows what will happen now…but they’ve got that handy Caller ID and can alert an ambulance if your sick child needs one.

We all know how Mental Health Crisis Teams work. They cut you off mid-sentence and whatever you are saying, jump to conclusions and finish your sentence.  It’s the end of the worker’s shift and these people have no patience.  So the sick child becomes the child YOU abused and tried to poison, and next thing you know, the cops get called and you’ve lost custody. Bet it’s happened.

If your child finds pills and eats them, call poison control or something. I don’t know and I’m not a parent. That’s not my point and this is a made-up story anyway.

The point is, most of the time, these Crisis Teams aren’t good to call.  Have I EVER had a good experience calling them?  Has anyone?  I’ve always been yelled at by these people. Insulted. Told why it was a SIN to phone them, how I’m wasting their time.  Or that they don’t know about eating disorders and HOW DARE I CALL THEM? WRONG WRONG WRONG BAD SINNER.  I am insulted by these paid workers time after time and I hang up feeling like shit.  If I wasn’t suicidal, I sure feel like it after talking to those people.

They make you feel like dirt.  You can feel just how bored they are and how badly they don’t wish to speak to you, what a nuisance you are.  “Oh, you again?” Bored.  I want to tell them to go fuck off.

So was it “bad advice” for me to tell this young, upset person that I don’t blame her for being shaken and traumatized because she was yelled at by a suicide hotline worker?  That it was terrible for the worker to say that her call “didn’t qualify”?  I’ve sure been there.  Told I was wasting their time and that my call was “inappropriate.”  I want to tell these people to go to hell. No one asking for help should ever, ever be yelled at, put down, or insulted like that.  Ever.

God bless those that speak out. We will succeed and flourish and show them just how strong we are. Grow and be strong.  Win!


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