Survival story I found on the Weather Channel, and my commentary

Here’s the link:

Wow…amazing film….

And yet…been there, done that, though the circumstances that caused it all were quite different.  Yes, I nearly died of dehydration, kidney failure, and starvation.

And no, I sure didn’t get any “Welcome Home” sign.  I got hostility.  I got lied to.  I got accusations.  I got threats.  I got locked up and abused.  I lost even more friends and spent a month crying and hugging Puzzle all alone for a month, having been traumatized not so much by what happened to my body, but by the societal rejection that followed.

I am so glad I have walked away from those of YOU out there, anyone reading this, that denied me human dignity, that treated me with gross disrespect, that called me a liar when I was not lying, that attempted to rob me of the freedom that every person deserves.

If you don’t get that, well, then, try listening.

Not too many have been there.  My body has been there.  Go sit for a while in that eerie place, when you are very close to death for an extended period, then come tell me about it.

Anyway…2014….Kicking ass.


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