Wonderful principles to live by

First of all, Rule Number One: Break every rule! Don’t listen to me, for godsakes! Do whatever the hell you want.  You might want to learn the rules first so that you can break a whole bunch of them and be a decent rebel, just like me and Puzzle.  Be cute at it, and have twice as much fun.

Rule number two: Spend the least amount of money as possible.  Don’t buy stupid expensive shit.  It’s not worth it. Yes, go for quality, but not at a price. Common sense….. Chances are, you’re gonna throw the crap out anyway.  Think about it.

Rule #3: Listen to your body.  Your body is smart.  Your mind will try to override what your body wants.  Common sense is a great idea, but your body might ask for something strange.  Sometimes, you gotta juggle between what makes sense and what your body demands.

Rule #4: Listen very well. But advice is just that, advice. No one knows better than you about you.  You know yourself better than anyone.

Rule #5: Stand on your own two feet. That is, self-reliance…it is golden.  There is no magic human.  No one that can save you except you.

Rule #6: Cultivate a good relationship with animals and plants.  It won’t hurt to have an animal in your life, such as a pet or to care for plants and nature. An animal in your life won’t let you down the way people do.

Rule #7: Stay away from gossip.

Rule #8: Priorities…know what ‘s important in your life and stick to that.  Everything else can wait. Don’t lose what’s important. Keep it in a safe place.  So if it’s your house keys, keep them in the same pocket all the time so you won’t lose them. Carry a flashlight if you have to with fresh batteries in it and plastic bags in your pocket to pick up after your dog, and you won’t need much else.

Rule #9: Be strong.  Develop and keep your body fit, with good endurance and keep your muscles as toned as possible. You’ll live longer, you won’t fall down, and if by chance the winds knock you over, you’ll bounce back.  No one can put you anywhere you don’t want to be unless you are knocked down and stay down.

Rule #10: Be clean. Keep your life free of clutter and sweep your floor often.  Take a shower or a bath and enjoy your daydream.

Rule #11: Dress for the weather.  Don’t be stupid or impractical, and wear shoes that will carry you far.

We have a long journey ahead of us, folks.  Get ready.



4 thoughts on “Wonderful principles to live by”

  1. Hey Julie, I hear you, but some rules are silly and we all live life as well as we can, given our circumstances, which are many and varied. To my mind, you can do as you like, as long as it doesn’t cause pain to others.

    I try never to gossip if it is nasty. If it’s just chit chat then that’s just conversation. Kind of unavoidable, unless there is a no names rule. Which is unenforceable.

    I think we all have priorities, some things are more important than others, to different people.

    The main thing is, stay true to yourself, do not hurt others and be aware of other people. If you want to overspend, get fat or live in a messy house, that’s no one else’s business.

    1. Oh I agree, and my house is a mess right now too. A bad mess I’ve been trying very hard to tackle for a few months now. The problem is the accumulated junk mail. It’s not that it gets sent to me. I only get a piece or two every other day. It’s that I don’t throw it out. I try so hard to recycle stuff and it gets ridiculous. Piles and piles of junk mail I refuse to toss into the trash cuz it HAS to be recycled. Problem is, it’s so darned hard to recycle here…the bins are always full, so it accumulates here in my apartment, piles and piles of junk mail at this point. I should just toss it…the hell with the environment. When I see the piles of junk mail in here I want to tear my hair out.

      Really, the environmentalists don’t get being poor. They fault us and assume we don’t care about the planet…but this ain’t true. We don’t have cars so we can’t bring our trash to recycling centers…in our town the recycling center isn’t on public transit. I really need to write a blog entry on being poor and the environment…plastic bags are FREE, for godsakes, so the plastic-bags-are-sin people need to shut their traps. It costs money we don’t have to be planet-conscious. Nobody really gets that. Although, to a large extent, it’s far cheaper to buy stuff that doesn’t have extra packaging to begin with, or to just refuse it.


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