Sad story: Link about Adam Lanza

Here’s the link:

I refuse to pass judgement one way or another on this.  To place “fault” or “blame” or state anything at all about “should have” on anyone’s part…no, I will not do this.

I do understand extreme social isolation and what it does to a person.  I do understand that extreme social isolation is generally not the voluntary choice of the isolated person.  It may seem like voluntary choice, but if you truly examine the situation, invariably, it isn’t that person’s choice. Isolation is forced upon the person.

Isolation eats away at you like poison.  It corrodes the soul.  It skews your thinking.  And if your thinking is messed up as a result of something you didn’t in fact choose voluntarily, is that really “illness”? I don’t think so.

Let’s not be so quick to “diagnose.”  Or judge.

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