Update: My recent conversations with attorneys

I was finally able to have real conversations with not one but several lawyers yesterday.  I received both good and bad news.

I suppose the first bit of good news is that these telephone conversations actually took place, and that I wasn’t speaking to voicemail machines!  There was interaction, voice-to-voice.  Nowadays, voice-to-voice conversation with ANYONE is priceless.  I’m so tired of people thinking that e-mail, texting, exchanged  voicemails, and Facebook is “social interaction.”  It is, but it’s not half as productive, efficient, satisfying, effective, confidential, heartfelt, or accurate as real conversation.

So I need to pat myself on the back for insisting on OUT LOUD SPEECH.  I got that far.  I’m surprised that lawyers do in fact answer their own phones.   They’re not like most doctors, who don’t answer phones at all.  I don’t know a single one that has anything but voicemail, secretaries, and nurses, and my last PCP had no voicemail and no way to leave private messages.  I found that every lawyer I called I could speak to right away, directly.

Okay, so a couple I called I said about two words and they said, “No, we don’t take that kind of case,” without really hearing much beyond two or three summary words.  One was a rude secretary and it wasn’t my fault that I was mistakenly referred to their office.  I apologized and hung up.

A couple of the lawyers, several in fact, said that my case was too involved, and they only did simpler cases that only involved one doctor and one incident.  I can imagine the types of cases they might take on, such as a surgeon that amputates the wrong arm.   That’s rather cut and dry.  Or the example that a commenter gave on here: the dumbasses that took the wrong patient to ECT…a name mixup because both patients in the same room were named “Debby.”  So this lawyer I spoke to said he took on that kind of case, and not what I was presenting to him, which was too complicated.

So at this point, I knew what I was up against.  I knew what to say next time I got on the phone, that my case was complicated and that it would be lengthy and time-consuming for whoever was willing to tackle it.  Being turned down, in a way, only fueled me to push onward.

Finally, I had a wonderful call with one lawyer who didn’t cut me off.  In fact, he seemed fascinated.  Believe me folks, I had been becoming increasingly frustrated, but somehow, I did okay.  I was amazed that someone would truly take interest.  I told myself that this lawyer was NOT shaking his head and saying, “What a crazy lady.”  No, he was saying to himself, “What an amazing story.  This highly intelligent woman is telling the truth.”

I know he believed me.  I know in my heart that he did, and if one lawyer did, then there would be others.  Sure enough, not much later I finally got hold of the lawyer I had been trying to reach for about a month where she has “voicemail only, ” and shockeroo! she answered the phone herself!  What a fluke!  So we spoke for a bit.  Yes, there are indeed others.  Make that two lawyers that say, “Julie Greene IS NOT CRAZY.”

However, so far, most of these people are backlogged and they cannot take on a case as big as mine.  It’s going to involve tons of paperwork.  Thousands of pages.

I’ve gotten as much help as I can get from this one organization that assisted me.  At this point, one thing I can do is tackle it myself, piece by piece, incident by incident, and try to file individual reports on particular people and institutions one at a time as much as I can.  I’d have to obtain my records.  Because I am low income (very) the fee for photocopying should be waived, at least that’s what I read.

So I asked, “Should I write a book about all this?  Would that be the approach to take at this point?”  The problem is that I am so darned tired from low functioning kidneys that it’s hard to work on any project at all.

If I did write a book, I’d have to publicize it really well.  Do something sensational with it.  Make a splash.  I have no clue how.

I refuse to pray for all those docs and therapists in order to “make peace with myself.”  I wasn’t born a Christian so please don’t proselytize.

I only want to help others who are trapped.  I only want to prevent more abuse, and to embrace others trapped inside and welcome with all my heart those that are escaping the System.  You are not alone even though it sure feels that way.

Shutting up, for me,  is not an option.  Giving in is not an option. Turning the other cheek, no, that is not on the table either.  I will not back down.


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