Gang mentality and psychiatric abuse

It might be a far shot…bear with me for a sec…remember I said I actually WATCHED those You-Tubes of the police beatings of that homeless guy that was brutally beaten a while back in California?

What happened was this: a homeless guy named Kelly was hanging out.  A bunch of cops started harassing him.  Suddenly, the cops, maybe four or five of them, were beating him senselessly!  For absolutely no reason!

Yep, it all got caught on security camera and it is most likely still up there on You-Tube and I have watched it.  It’s painful to see.  Now this was a big eye opener for me on many levels.  But one level was this: gang mentality.  I doubt one cop, acting alone, would have done that.  But acting together, something happened.  It’s that ganging-up thing.  Bullying multiplied.

I believe psychiatric abuse can happen very much the same, even with everything electronic, in fact, our electronic system is working against patients sometimes.

So, “She’s crazy,” gets passed around and the whole crew gets together in their gang meetings.  Ever see a bunch of doctors in a huddle?  Sure looks that way to me.  Bunch of bullies.

See ya later.

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