People who go on rants: A story of abuse

“She used to be so nice.  Now, I can’t stand her.  All she does is go on and on.”

“She rants.  Repetitive.  About the same thing.  Over and over.  Why won’t she stop talking about the people that have hurt her?”

“I rarely call her anymore.  I think she has a personality disorder.  Obviously paranoid.”

“Someone should take over and see to it that she is forcibly medicated.  Then, she’ll stop ranting.”

One day, that woman you’re all gossiping about (yeah, I hear it) decided she’d had enough.  She packed up her stuff and left town.

She’s gone now, and her real story isn’t some “diagnosis.”  It’s a story of abuse.  Abuse is a cycle.  Abuse is like the game of telephone, handed from one abuser to the next, passed on by word-of-mouth, by gossip, and those little ways that stories can change over time.

Ever go into Google and dig up some “case history”?  I did.  Recently.  It’s not my story.  It’s a story of a woman who  had a rare eating pattern.  They found a her in a state of malnutrition.  They wanted to know why she had this rare eating pattern.  They gave her psychological tests, and determined that she had a “diagnosis.”  How can these tests be anything close to accurate, if she was tested while severely malnourished?

These are smart doctors supposedly.  This is a published report that many people have read and now believe as Gospel truth.

The report didn’t say anything about these wonderful, smart doctors having done anything to help this starving woman, or having done anything to nourish  her or offer financial assistance, job training, marital assistance, help with pregnancy issues, help to heat her home, ESL, or any practical assistance whatsoever.

I, too, have a rare eating pattern.  It’s not quite the same as that woman’s.  All attempts to fit it into “eating disorder” fail miserably.  After I relocate, no doctor is even going to know about it. Why risk even being offered “mental health care” once more?

When I hear “rant,” I know the person has been abused.  The person is frustrated out of their mind.

Do not force a person into treatment because FORCED TREATMENT IS ABUSE.  It is one of the many forms of abuse.  The cycle will only continue.  Please stop abusing.

f you are in a position of power, will you stop this abuse?  Can you be the one voice to speak out against others and say, “This is wrong!”  Will you be that one exception?

I will be leaving Massachusetts soon.  All I can say is that this opportunity is a blessing.

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