hopes dashed, but there’s always Plan B

I phoned the place where I put in a housing application…as I figure it, mid-August 2012.  At the time that I put in the application, I was told the wait list was two to three years.  I guess the person was mistaken.  These things happen.  Not all people who work the desks are properly informed and they’re only clerks.

So all this time (it’s now the end of the year, 2013) I’ve figured, “My lucky day is coming soon,” and looked to that one bright day when some Angel from Heaven would sweep me out of this hellhole apartment here. I’ve hated it since the day I moved in.

I got up the courage and made the call today.  Put on my cheery, polite, business-like telephone voice I taught myself years ago.  I’m particularly good at it.

The clerk who answered the phone put me on hold after I made sure she got the correct spelling of “Greene.”

I waited.  Prayed, if you could call it that.

She said, “Six to eight.”

Then she went on to say, “Years.”

Oh. My. God.  Yep, she said I had oh so magically moved up the wait list by one year so now I would be waiting one less year. But the good news was that I was still “active.”  Good news according to….

Um, I’m alive.  Yeah.  Fifty-five going on fifty-six.  In eight years I’ll be legally collecting social security, not “disability.”  Same ridiculously low amount I can’t even live on, same crap, lots more housing options.  Without the “disability” label, I will be free of discrimination for good.

Because on my body, there is not one scientifically measurable trace of “mental illness.”

Well, I’m not staying in this crap apartment.  Period.  There’s got to be a way….

Time for Plan B.  That’s what life is all about.

The tent idea wasn’t such a bad one after all, if only I wasn’t so physically sick.  I need to get my health more together.  I’m getting better in a few ways, in many ways in fact, and I’ll talk about that in another post…it’s rather exciting, in fact.

Don’t you love the way I never give up? I never, ever throw in the towel.  Truth is, I’ve thrown them all in already…there’s nothing more left to throw in!  If you got nothing left, if you find yourself alone and trapped in some dark place (through no doing of your own, I KNOW this is how it happens), please, crawl out any way you can.  I’ve sure been there.

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