The beginning of my exit from the Mental Health System

Today is November 28, 2013.  It’s not the beginning of this journey, but today marks the beginning of my recognition that my exit from the mental health system is intended to be permanent and my intention is to leave in completely.  I intend to shed my “mental patient” history entirely from my medical record. It was only today that I discovered, quite by accident, a way to do this.  I have decided to start this blog and share my journey as it unfolds as a way to assist others in doing the same, if they find themselves stuck in the similar situation that I was in myself.

I am in a state in the USA that is establishing “managed care” for those of us that have both Medicare and Medicaid simultaneously.  It’s well known that holders of both these insurances are doomed to the worst care imaginable, never mind the stigma of “permanently disabled.”  We are assumed to be severely ill, incapable of managing our affairs, and the government apparently is so concerned that we won’t stay on our poison pills or keep our slavery appointments (not that you’d blame us) that here in my state, they have established a managed care system as bait, telling us “incapables” that the care will surely be improved.

Sounds like “supervision,” doesn’t it?  When I first heard that the government had dreamed this up, I thought, “Wow, they really want to make sure we behave.”  I thought this was going to be a nightmare.  No way would I enroll in this managed care option!

However, I suddenly realized that I can play their game just fine.  We are so forgetful, after all, such “poor historians,” they say, and we “lack insight” anyway.   All that ECT wiped out the memory of over 50 hospitalizations and I’d say over 50 drugs they gave me.  I don’t remember any of that.  Funny, I do remember my college education well enough, but never mind that.  The docs sure forget their education and surely, their morals very fast as soon as the first payoffs from Big Pharma come rolling in.

It is my intention to use this system to its full advantage.  It’s late right now and I’d like to explain my plans more fully some other time.  It’s actually past midnight and I need to get to bed.  But I’ve given you some intro.  I’ll write some background information, too, so you’ll see where I’ve come from as well, and you can see if any of this is at all helpful.

Note as of May 2014: As I stated, I wrote this at the end of November.  I made so, so many “plans” to erase my mental records and the plan I made then was one of the many that fell through. I made more after that. Nothing worked until now….

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