Feelgood therapy

Why do they give us therapy and support groups?  This is to make us “accept” the abuse. Why? So they can keep doing it and so it will be “accepted” as our lot in life. So the government will continue to give us the bare minimum and we will continue to “accept” that this is normal and okay and right.  So we are treated in hospitals and in their offices with disrespect, and we are told, “let it go, it was nothing,” and to “forget the past,” and they give us drugs and tell us “this will make you feel better” and we are sick and they did nothing wrong.

No, we don’t need this therapy.  We need JUSTICE.  We need to change the system.  Do you see what I am saying?  These “doctors,” “therapists,” and people in positions of power who are wronging us are sick and need to stop doing these crimes before more people are harmed and before more people die.

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