Promised Land

After I came back from Israel (this to amend my previous post) as you can imagine, I was disillusioned and confused.  I hadn’t only gone to Israel, I had been around Europe as well.  To add to the weirdness, I was rather disappointed that I had totally bypassed the Blizzard of ’78.  This was in January 1978 and my plane from the Netherlands came back to Boston after the storm.  I returned to Northampton and my roommates told me that the snow was more than anyone could believe.  I was disappointed that I hadn’t been there to not believe it.

I had also come home to hear some tragic news.  When I came to pick up Hoofy from the person who was dog-sitting him, who in fact was his breeder, she told me that both his parents had been missing and she was losing hope that she would be able to recover them.  She still had Hoofy’s sister, Naima (there’s an accent mark in there) and of course my little Hoofy.  She was heartsick over this and so was I.  Over many years she sent me Christmas cards with photos of large family portraits of her lovely Belgian Tervurens and I was overjoyed to see that she’d been able to rebuild after this terrible tragedy.

Then, I guess not long after that, in fact I think it was January 20 (why does this date pop into my head? I don’t know why, but maybe it’s the date, maybe not) that Hoofy was hit by a car right outside my apartment building.  Now this occurred right after my 20th birthday.  It took him a long time to rehabilitate.

I had been all over the world, but I wanted nothing but to be right home with Hoofy.  This was more like a Promised Land than someplace very sandy and salty where the tour guides were weird.

I have been certain ever since that there is no magic place.  I decided that the Promised Land is in your heart.  Surely, it’s a concept, don’t you think?  The concept of safe haven.

The concept of the Promised Land, to me, means to never, ever give up hope.  It doesn’t mean that you will definitely win the lottery or that riches will surely come to you or that Prince or Princess Charming is going to come barreling through your door.

Just see it as possibility.  That tiny, flickering light.


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