Running six laps and coming home to write about it

So sometimes, while I run, I get some brilliant writing idea.  I can’t run and write at the same time.  I save up my writing idea and promise myself that as soon as I get home, I’ll write it down.  Sometimes, while running, I play with the idea and get excited.  I develop it and narrate my writing to myself.

This narrating, or, rather, rehearsing, is of course a memoirist’s habit.  We rehearse our memoirs as things happen to us, promising ourselves, “Someday, I will write about this. Someone will want to know that this happened to me.”  So I want someone to know that I ran six laps today and I want desperately to write it down.

Is it all a very bad habit?  Does the memoir-rehearsing wreck the beauty and freshness of an experience?  Or is it just “as is”?  Is it simply who we are?  Why question it?

I am 55 years old and there is nothing wrong with the way I think.  I give myself tons of credit for sticking around on the planet.  I sure am doing my life just fine.  Writing memoir has worked great for me.  So I ran six laps today, a mile and a half, and then came home.  How about you?

Feedback and comments welcome!