So how cool is that? Julie and Puzzle writing to you from the MBTA Commuter Rail

So how cool is that?  Last Sunday marked the one-month anniversary of my escape from Mount Auburn Hospital, where I was kept inpatient for 11 days.  Yeah, they wanted me in “aftercare.”  I did my own version of “aftercare” just fine.  I held onto Puzzle for a month and told anyone who called me “crazy” (including shrinks) to go screw.

So how did I celebrate Sunday, the 22nd?  I did a public speaking gig.  Yep, a public reading, my first since March 31 of this year, in front of I’d say at least 200 people and it went off just fine.

So Tuesday I ran a mile.  I did just great.  Wednesday I did the same thing.  Thursday, five laps, that is, a mile and a quarter run.  I’ve been walking Puzzle a mile and a quarter every morning and also every evening and in-between as needed as well.

So that brings us to today, Friday.  It’s the 27th.  We’re on the Commuter Rail right now.  We ventured to Worcester today, to an empowerment center.  This is a place where no one is called a “patient.”

Wanna know why I like this?  You folks who read my writings here regularly know how much I dislike the term “consumer,” right?  Now, that’s a dumb one.  I have always said, for want of a better term, “mental patient,” even though that’s rather a put-down.  But realistically speaking, that’s how society views us, and that sums up the prejudice we have to face.

But I like the new term just fine.  Peer.  Yeah, that’s a good one, don’t you think?  I like it far better than “patient” because there’s nothing in “peer” to do with the medical establishment, so we are no longer defined by our relationship to those folks, many of whom are either disrespectful or downright quacks.  Of course, some are honest and even altruistic.   Hey, veterinarians are respectful of our animals, on a whole, aren’t they?  You’d think the medical field would follow suit, or should.  But sadly, something’s gone amuck.

Anyway, Puzzle and I are fine.  I thought my day was starting off just wonderfully this morning and I laughed to see that I’d gotten out of bed and Puzzle hadn’t even noticed. My little one must have been in a darned good dream, cuz she stayed way, way, way back inside our sleeping bag without budging.  She made a lump in there and I had no clue the lump was my dog.

Good morning, America.

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