Yes, eating disorders can cause “hot flashes”

I’ve done a massive Internet search cuz this is driving me nuts.  I feel like I’m burning up and this is only getting worse and making me nonfunctional.

I suppose if I went to a doctor they’d just laugh in my face, telling me, “Julie, you’re 55, what do you expect?”

Or, “So walk around naked all day.  Most people would love that.”

Or, “Eat a gallon of ice cream.  You could stand to put on a few.”

Or, “What eating disorder?  You’re delusional.  Take a cure-all antipsychotic.  That’ll make you shut up.  Here’s my bill.”

I feel like dousing myself in ice or relocating into a walk-in freezer right now and just staying there.  Or calling the fire department, telling them I’m burning up and having them put me out.

It gets far worse after I eat, and I’ve tried not eating, but I get nauseous.  The nausea is most likely my kidneys or something but I’m not sure.   Anyway, I looked up “hot flashes after eating,” and that happens to diabetics due to some blood sugar problem, but I kept reading, and yeah, it happens if you have a long history of eating disorders.  It’s one of those little-known, mysterious symptoms that I’ll bet doctors will deny or don’t know about, just like that vertigo I had a couple of years ago.  But if you go to websites and keep on reading and digging, you can find out about eating disorders and vertigo as well.  The vertigo, too, happens after you eat.  I recall it happened to me after breakfast maybe two years ago.  Guess what?  Doctors denied it.  After a time, the problem went away for me.

I read that they are pretty sure “hot flashes” happen due to something in the hypothalamus whether the hot flashes are due to menopause or another cause.  So if you have an ED and you are getting hot flashes, something is going on that’s screwy in that area because your eating is, or was, messed up.  So you can be a guy and get hot flashes, too.

They say some people turn beet red when this happens, or that it’s part of it.  I have never looked in the mirror.  I don’t think I do.  I only get intolerably hot.  I’ve thought I had a fever but I’ve checked and I don’t.  It wakes me up in the night.  Between that and the cramping, I don’t sleep at all.

Actually, I can’t really function like this, and I dread today’s speaking event.  It’s a four-hour event and I have no clue how I’ll survive it.  I went out yesterday and was walking and suddenly started burning up and could hardly wait to get home, turn on the AC, and throw off every piece of clothing I had.  That’s exactly what I did.  I was only out 20 minutes and it was intolerable.

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