Psychiatry’s bogus recommendations, and my gig tomorrow

In 1997, psychiatrists stated that I needed to be locked up in the state hospital for a very long time.  They stated that I was unable to function in society and could not sit in a group of people.

I went home and wrote my first novel.  I tried adult education classes and did fine.  I applied to college and got in, entering as a sophomore because I was switching majors, returning after 18 years of being buried in the mental health system.  Guess those shrinks were wrong after all, eh?

In 2006 I was taking a break from graduate school.  Doctors and social workers recommended that I attend day treatment.  They said I would never make it in life if I didn’t listen to them.  They said “my kind,” that  is, mental patients, didn’t belong in grad school.

Did I take this recommendation as Word of God?  Naw.  I listened to my own wisdom instead.  I went back to grad school where I, “my kind,” a student of writing, belonged.  I finished grad school three years later.

So Friday the 13th, roughly a week ago, a shrink told me she highly recommended antipsychotic meds otherwise I might as well hang it up.  I know antipsychotic meds are going to make me binge eat and make me very, very sick.  Do you think this shrink, who is younger than me and clearly knows nothing at all about eating disorders, should be giving me any advice at all?  Naw.

Tomorrow, I have a big speaking engagement coming up.  Yep, not far from where I live.  I’ll be speaking in front of over 150 people that I know of.  I wrote something for the occasion.  I have three minutes to speak.  I sure don’t want to be slowed down by antipsychotic meds!  Slurred speech?  No thanks.  I want to have loads of fun, and never, ever shut up.

I’ll let you know how it all goes, and I’ll do a performance of the piece soon for you all. I just don’t want to spoil it all right now for those who will be there.

Guess I don’t actually need to break a leg right now, right?   Naw, casts are inconvenient, and I don’t want to hobble around with one even if it’s decorated with people’s signatures and magic marker flowers and peace signs, either.  Knowing my luck, someone else’s dog would pee on it.

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    1. Yes, John, I hope to do a remake and then put it up on You-Tube. I made a bunch of new You-Tubes recently that aren’t up here on WordPress but they are posted to my Twitter account. With everything cross-posting it starts duplicating and lord knows there are enough of me around (with various spellings). Thanks for responding!


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