So they say texting while driving is dangerous but they never talk about binge eating while driving

I’ll bet there are so many deaths due to binge eating while driving that go undocumented.  The police are unaware of this and no one even cares.   The people who binge eat while driving are not at fault.  Most likely they are just as desperate as I am to stop this horrible disorder, but I’m sure their experience is similar to mine.

I remember when I used to drive, many years ago.  I used to binge eat and drive at the same time.  It’s extremely dangerous and just as dangerous as driving drunk or texting while driving.  But there is no help for these folks and they are called names such as fat pig, irresponsible, or sinners.  They are blamed for not getting help or not wanting help, but when they go to their doctors they are told to control themselves or some nonsense, or given other diagnoses, or told it isn’t serious, or put off, or told they don’t binge, or told they are exaggerating, or lying.

So I just got an e-mail asking for money, signatures, etc, for some campaign against texting and driving.  What about helping people with eating disorders?

What about stopping giving people drugs that cause binge eating?  Much of binge eating is caused by drugs prescribed to people.  These drugs cause appetite increase that can cause binge eating in some people, not everyone, but people prone to binge eating through genetics or some other reason.  I’ve heard that some people binge from pot.  I have never binged from pot myself but I do know some people do.  I haven’t smoked pot in decades.  I don’t recall it giving me the munchies, either.  I just remember it taking the depression away.  But I also remember it was awfully scary trying to drive while stoned.  I think that’s the last time I smoked it that I can recall.  Too scary.  It wasn’t worth it.

The drug Seroquel caused me to binge eat.  I also recall in 1996 or so I took Zyprexa for a few days and it caused terrible binge eating.  I had to stop the drug immediately because it was driving me crazy.  I took Effexor which caused binge eating and when I stopped Effexor I stopped the binge eating.  I was lucky to stop in time and recognize what the drug was doing to me.

This is not the same as overeating.  Binge eating is very seriously handicapping.  I eat until I am not only uncomfortable…I can barely move.  I can barely breathe.  This is serious and not to be messed with, in my opinion.  I wish someone would freaking listen for a change.

You go to these eating disorders hospitals and there’s no treatment for binge eating and they don’t even know about it!  They don’t know a thing.  I found that out real fast.

I phoned Walden maybe last spring, tried to get info, which they refused to give me, about whether they’ve changed and are now treating binge eating.  They were extremely cagey and avoided answering my questions.  So I was supposed to go there, sign myself in, and THEN find out whether they even treat it?  No way.  You can’t just sign yourself out once you are in.  It’s a locked unit and you are stuck there once you sign in.  So clearly, they were not going to answer my question, they refused to even return my calls when I asked them to, they flat out lied to me, they put me off, they told me to go to an ER, they made excuses…on and on.  I refuse to go there under those deceptive conditions if they are not even going to tell me whether they treat the condition or not.  In July 2012 they did not treat binge eating and had no knowledge of it at all.  I felt like I myself knew more about it than the staff did.

I’ll never forget the day I was there and one day I got edema.  A staff person, someone super uneducated about eating disorders, told me my socks were too tight and I was so stupid to wear socks that didn’t fit me.  I told him I had edema.  He said, “You are so stupid to wear those socks, they don’t fit you.”  I said, “Don’t you know that people with eating disorders get edema?  Do you know what edema is?  It’s a medical condition.”  Apparently the guy had no idea why my feet were suddenly twice the size they should be, or thought they normally were all puffy like that.  My socks hadn’t shrunk in the wash.  What a jerk.  This was at Walden, the eating disorders hospital.  Now do you believe me?

So anyway, I’m gonna lie down I think.  I feel sick to my stomach.

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