Hungry kids

I was just reading on a website about how hunger impacts school performance and kids’ ability to make friends.  Kids who don’t have enough food to eat get physically sick more often and have to be hospitalized more often, too.  They are more susceptible to infections.

Well, what does this tell us about eating disorders?  Kids with eating disorders are also suffering from malnutrition.  They are suffering similarly.  So their school performance suffers due to malnutrition, as does their social life and physical health overall.

No, people with eating disorders are not sinners.  It’s not a moral issue.  “Science” doesn’t really know what causes eating disorders.  To say that the media causes eating disorders is oversimplification.  It’s more likely that the medical establishment itself is a more heavily contributing factor than the media.

Does the media poke, prod, abuse, criticize, tell us to “get in shape,” give us pills we don’t need, lock us up, classify us, deny us needed care, and then when we try to complain, tell us we are delusional and sick and to shut up?

Sure, the media advertises, but we are not chained to beds and forced to look at it.  The medical establishment orders the restraints that bind us to beds in dark, empty rooms.  They do this in the name of liability.  Yeah, they’re afraid of us dangerous folk.  We’re so hungry, we’ll eat them all alive.  So they drug us, lock us up, and make sure we don’t talk.

After all, Dr. Roy at Mount Auburn said he was very, very concerned about his reputation.  Yeah, he cared more about his reputation than he cared about me.  Well, I’m right here right now blasting his reputation to bits and I really don’t give a shit.  He said I could not leave the hospital until I took an antipsychotic.  That’s forced drugging, folks.  I tried to get in touch with some legal folks, right there from the hospital.  I was scared my conversation would be overheard.  There was a sitter in the room, but she didn’t understand much English.  When you are so weak you can’t walk around much anyway you feel so cornered and hopeless.  I overheard them saying they were scared I was gonna escape.  I just couldn’t believe that one.  I was so weak I couldn’t have escaped if I tried.  And I wasn’t that stupid.

I also overheard them talking all about their weight one day.  They were asking themselves how much their clothes weighed.  They had weighed me and were saying, “How much does she weigh?  How much do your clothes weigh?” They were themselves getting on the scale and weighing each other and talking all about their weight and losing weight.  I told them I would take off my clothes and hand them what I had been wearing, and they could weigh my clothes, simple as that.  They gave me looks like I was talking gibberish.  Apparently they don’t know how to weigh a small animal.  You weigh yourself carrying the animal, then weigh yourself without the animal.  Subtract.  For my own curiosity, I weighed my clothes, the only clothes I had in there, once I got home.  I weighed my clothes the way I weigh Puzzle.  My clothes weighed 1.6 pounds.  Puzzle is much heavier, weighing 13 and a half pounds.  Those nurses were idiots.  I hated hearing them talking like that.  And then to treat me like I’m stupid, just plain stupid, and don’t know what I’m talking about.

I get these ads in my e-mail: Eat these cookies and get skinny.  The cookies cost like 65 dollars a box.  That’s an expensive binge.  I’ll tell you how to get skinny: don’t eat the cookies.  Don’t even eat one cookie, in fact, don’t eat anything at all, and you will get plenty skinny.  Save the money and save the planet.  Feed hungry kids.

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